Shadow in the Hot Sun

for Soprano, Accordion, and String Trio

2009, rev. 2013; 8-10 minutes

The first iteration of Shadow in the Hot Sun was called Three Studies and I wrote it at the Académie Musicale de Villecroze, under the guidance of Bernard Cavanna. A more idyllic setting for a composition residency could not be imagined - in the hills of Provence, with the constant sound of running water wafting over from the nearby stream.

The title (initially its subtitle, back when it had three movements) was a direct result of the place, I found it while walking around the fields -- shadow is a bit threatening, but in the summer Provençal sun, some shade is all you want. Time in Villecroze is short, so some revision and outright rewriting proved necessary. I finally got to that in early 2013, in preparation for the performance heard here, by Pittsburgh's Alia Musica ensemble.


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  • Shadow in the Hot Sun had its American premiere at Bricolage in Pittsburgh, PA on April 6, 2013. It was presented by Alia Musica and performed by Jamie Jordan, soprano; Henry Doktorski, accordion; Dawn Posey, violin; Katie Kroko, viola; and Cody Green, cello - with Federico Garcia conducting.
  • Three Studies (shadow in the hot sun) was premiered by the Trio Elixir, accordionist Thomas Chedal, and soprano Isa Lagarde on July 31, 2009 at the chapelle St-Victor in Villecroze, France
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